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Are you feeling like you’ve lost your mojo? Pre kids you had style, you had class and you most certainly didn’t have spew on your shirt. I used to wear fabulous shoes. Then I had babies. Now I wear thongs (flip flops for the non Australians) and sneakers. And where was my Mojo? Somewhere in outer west Mongolia I’m sure!

When baby number two got to the 3 month point, and my c-section scar was looking much better, I started to realise I had basically been wearing the same clothes for the past 3 years. During that time I was either pregnant or breastfeeding with my one month break from breastfeeding my toddler before bub arrive, spent in hospital! Total lack of mama mojo!

My outfit that I wore pretty much every single day was a pair of Lorna Jane dance pants, a Target feeding singlet in either white or black teamed with my black sneakers. I wore a lot of black. I looked in my wardrobe one day and was actually quite surprised and a little sad by the total lack of colour.


Then one day, like a beam of golden sunshine, I found this bright yellow feeding singlet from Nursing Mama! Yes! Some colour!! And not another, once was white, feeding singlet with greying straps and sagging fabric! Oh the joy! The relief!! I started to feel my mama mojo creeping back!

When the singlet arrived in the mail I was blown away by how soft it is. These singlets are made from bamboo viscose and are as soft as a baby’s bum. Squish! The colour is so bright and vibrant, a much needed breath of fresh air to my mummy wardrobe! I wore it to pick up my daughter from daycare (wearing the regular dance pant and sneaker combo) and got lots of comments about “how much better” I was looking… this was really lovely to hear, but made me wonder what they were thinking before I was wearing sunshine yellow. Maybe my mama mojo really was coming back!


I started going through my wardrobe to find clothes to match my new mojo magnifying Nursing Mama singlet. Hmmmmmm. Black pants. Black leggings. Black skirt. Nearly black jeans. Clearly I needed to jazz things up a bit. With a big thanks to my family for the wonderful gift of cash AND babysitting, I found some super gorgeous clothes to coordinate that were filled with colour and fun (I headed to Arabesque in Springwood where they stock the very fun Australian brand Boom Shankar). I really was starting to feel myself again.

And it all started with one sunny singlet.

These singlets from Nursing Mama are a fantastic alternative to the regular Bonds or Target feeding singlets. They have a really lovely shape to them and don’t have the bra like straps which start to look a bit daggy after a while. Boob access is via a lift up panel across the bust or you can pull the neck line down. I’ve used the top both ways to feed my little guy and both ways are easy and comfortable. I have a real thing about revealing my belly to feed, especially when out in public, so this singlet is a fantastic option.

In terms of washability, this top gets full marks. It has had everything thrown at it. And I mean that quite literally. I have a baby and a toddler. Stuff gets thrown at me a lot.

But seriously, this top has been worn a lot, spewed on a lot, got wee on it, food, paint and washed many many times. It still looks great. The fabric and stitching are all very high quality. There isn’t a single stain on it and that is with it being thrown in a regular wash on a cold cycle each time. Winning.


I am consciously adding more colour to my life each day. And I have to say, a touch of concealer to cover the dark circles and a splash of mascara to open my eyes, is all helping me feel like myself again. And in terms of being a mum, showing your kids the real you is the best gift you can give them.

I can’t actually remember the last time I put on the dance pant, target singlet and sneaker combo. Bub is now 6 months old, life with 2 kids is getting to be a lot more fun and I think I may have found my Mama Mojo again.

Nursing Mama singlets are available in yellow, teal, charcoal, black and royal blue in sizes 8-14.

How’s your mama mojo going? What has helped you get it back?


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