Nursing Mama - The Beginning of a Journey

Spring with Nursing Mama Essentials

The first day of Spring, sun brilliantly radiating throughout the day seems to be the perfect day to have our website officially go live.

Our collection of Nursing Mama essentials wasn't designed for any reason than for mums to colour their lives with soft, delicate colourful nursing wear that can be coupled with any type of clothing.

Too often as a nursing mum myself, I was very shy and often fed quietly by myself or wore a dual layer of singlets so that feeding was easier. In designing the singlet, I had in mind the kind of basic essential that I wanted to wear everyday. Despite our curves and bumps, I wanted it to be more fitted. I wanted a essential basic that I could dress up or down just like all my other basic singlets before giving birth. And I guess that is why even mum's who aren't nursing love the tops, because the design is simple but the fabric is beautiful.

For nursing mamas, the discreet split is just an extra functional design for your comfort. 

Over the next few weeks, we hope to bring you ideas on how to wear your Nursing Mama and how we can all still colour our lives, despite being busy mums!

I humbly thank you for all our kickstarter orders that gave me a starting point and encouragement to pursue my own collection, I thank all the additional preorders that came before stock arrive and I thank all of the continuous orders that arrived after the stock came despite not having a website yet.

Thank you for loving our Nursing Mama Essentials and I would love to personally thank and feature you all over the following week if you would allow me, because we are all mums going through the motherhood journey together and a sisterhood of friends is what will help us with being fearless, wonderful caring mothers!

xx Doan


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