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Story From A Real Mama - Sandra and Ari

Ah nursing, the horror of when they start trying to twist so they can look around yet refuse to let go. The moment they get their first tooth, or when they fall asleep nursing and all of a sudden they clamp down hard. The times when they still are chewing on something but decide they needs some milk to go with it and mistakenly try to chew with your nipple in their mouth. The times they try to run away while forgetting to let go, or when they decide they want a toy that is out of reach but they still try to get it and of course the boob has to come along...

My little one is now 27 months and I am still going strong but the first eight months were horrible and I often wanted to quit. In contrast to how most moms having not enough milk, I simply had too much and on top of it, a heavy letdown that often made her choke. She had a slight tongue tie that also did not help, which made us fluctuated between low and high milk supply.

I nurse on demand and yes I still even nurse at night because I know that all too soon this all will be just a memory and I will miss it without a doubt.

Now I know that there are negatives and positives in both nursing and bottle feeding but seriously I love nursing. For me, there are no worries, no sterilising, heating, checking expiry dates, hoping for a sale, washing, measuring or the worst part is having to leave a place because you are out of milk.

My favourite way to nurse is while I am baby wearing because it means I can still clean, cook, hold hands with my eldest son, shop or do anything really.

And the best ever ever nursing top has got to be my awesome soft Nursing Mama Essential top. Trust me it is worth every cent. (We didn't make her say that! And we thank Sandra for sending us this pic of her in it at the snow this winter!! She messaged and said, look it works even at the snow!)

My top tips would be to eat healthy, drink plenty, relax and enjoy it. Never forget that the more you nurse the more milk you get. And lastly, babies some times have weeks when they barely nurse and you might get frustrated and anxious and maybe even scared but they will pick it up again and do so with a vengeance so just let them figure it out. If you are worried about your supply, try some nursing cookies from Boobie Bikkies, some nursing tea, some alcohol free beer, or warm milk with fenugreek seeds and some fresh turmeric in. Persistence is key. 

Sandra is the face behind @kidsjustwannahavefun - Instagram.

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